We provide our customers with a complete consultancy service.

ARCA IMMOBILIARE provides its customers with a complete consultancy service: from leases in the tourism sector to the sale and purchase of properties. A successful real estate transaction is the one that ends with the maximum profit.

We at ARCA IMMOBILIARE know that this result is achieved only by knowing exactly how, when and how much to sell, buy or rent a property.
By thoroughly analyzing the real estate property and considering the supply and demand in the reference market, we can indicate to our client the most advantageous strategies: the winning marketing policies for his property (all that is needed to make the most of it), the most appropriate indicative prices for purchase, sale and rental, and more.
A second important verification phase is carried out periodically together with the customer, to evaluate the results achieved and perfect or modify the chosen strategies.

Our consulting services :

  • Analysis of the property
  • Market study
  • Determination of the possible sale price
  • Marketing
  • Presentation of the property to potential investors
  • Negotiation
  • Analysis of the cadastral situation and search for documentation
  • Indication and possible activation of the regularization procedures for the problems encountered