We manage the real estate in all its phases until the end of the project to move towards the most efficient solution.

The variety that can be found in a real estate property is extreme, both in terms of destination and type of use. In fact, what do residential, tourist, industrial and commercial properties have in common?

They can be used by those who own them (a private individual, a company or a corporate investor) or by third parties, they can be used as soon as they have been manufactured or have existed for decades.

What unites them beyond all these differences is profitability; the real estate investment is in fact the research for a profitability proportionate to a certain risk factor calculated on the basis of certain parameters.

ARCA IMMOBILIARE provides its tools and know-how, putting them at the service of the customer who wants to make the most of his real estate assets.

  • Critical analysis of the property to verify its effective need for the spaces
  • Analysis, through a "Benchmarking" comparison, of fixed and variable operating costs.
  • Identification of the costs to be incurred for the optimization of the assets
  • Rationalization of spaces to determine the parts that can be alienated or put on income