The Cavallino coast: a green peninsula between sea and nature

tretching out over the sea, a stone's throw from Venice, the Cavallino coastline offers an ideal combination of nature, art, history and traditions.
15 km of fine golden sand. First-class sea rescue services; sport equipment; the best open-air structures in Europe, villages surrounded by greenery for a well-deserved relaxing holiday.

And a few minutes by boat or motorboat .... Venice!

The lagoon, a unique and fascinating natural environment, dotted with islands, each with its beauties and history, all to be discovered.

Bike tours for the whole family

The bicycle is the best way to explore every corner of Cavallino Treporti coast and to get in touch with its naturalistic oasis.
There are four itineraries available, each characterized by different length of the route and type of soil:

  • The Via delle Tre Acque: a 13.8 km route, characterized by mixed terrain.
  • The Via degli Orti della Laguna: a 25.5 km route characterized by paved terrain.
  • The Via Delle Fortificazioni: a 15.5 km route, characterized by paved terrain.
  • The Via Del Tramonto: a 12.9 km route, characterized by a mixed terrain.

Boat excursions
From the upper Adriatic and to the Venetian lagoon

Another way to explore the surroundings of Cavallino Treporti is definitely to opt for a boat ride: on the one hand, you can admire a part of the Venetian coast and discover the Tegnùe, rocky outcrops that distinguish the sandy bottoms of the Upper Adriatic ; on the other hand, by navigating along the canals of the lagoon you will be able to observe the wonderful scenery offered by the lagoon landscape, a unique and fascinating environment, rich in biodiversity.
The excursions offered by the numerous tourist companies in the area are designed for the whole family and will be able to fascinate both adults and children, making your beach holidays even more unforgettable.

Between forts and fortifications

In the area of Cavallino Treporti it is easy to come across many historic buildings, whether they are located along the peninsula or crouched along the coast: these are military fortifications built to defend Venice during the Great War; you will see the Cavallino gates, bunkers, barracks, telemetry towers, forts and batteries, a true architectural heritage and testimony of one of the darkest periods in world history of the twentieth century.

  • Doors of the Cavallino
  • Telemetry towers
  • Coastal batteries
  • Forte Vecchio