In any Real Estate Project is important to build a economic-financial model to control the situation and take the right decisions.

In any real estate project, the construction of an economic-financial prospect is of utmost importance, in order to have the situation under control at all times and thus make only the right decisions. Construction costs must be analyzed and the reference market studied together, in order to understand potential demand and competition. The calculations on the future profitability of a property and the best financing opportunities are therefore important, but the advice of ARCA IMMOBILIARE is not limited to this.

Using the best tools, it goes as far as following the growth of a project, up to the selection of partners interested in development. We could therefore say: from obtaining concession procedures to identifying the most advantageous partnership opportunities. From the reconversion of areas, to the variation in the intended use of a building, up to the splitting and subdivision plans.

ARCA IMMOBILIARE follows you and provides the indispensable support to optimize the real estate investment.

  • Identification through the processing of alternative cash flows of the "Maximum and best use" of the real estate investment
  • Overview of the best financing opportunities
  • Calculation of the profitability of the initiative through the use of investment analysis techniques
  • Analysis of construction costs